Goldie Roman Bronze 50g

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1 x 50g Goldie Roman Bronze


Goldie Roman Bronze™is bronze of a beautiful golden bronze color, resembling the colors used in times of the Roman Empire. The clay is a bit more grainy, thanks to larger than usual bronze particles. After firing and polishing with a 3M wheel or sandpaper, you can notice tiny bronze speckles that reflect the light and create an interesting sparkling effect.

Goldie Roman Bronze™ is an environmentally friendly product. It contains approximately 89% copper and 11% tin. The binders are organic and non-toxic. The container that the powder comes in is deliberately larger than needed so it can be reused afterwards. Please do your bit for the environment and keep the container for future use (non-food use only).

Goldie Roman Bronze™ shrinks by about 10%-12% on firing, depending on the shape and the size of the piece. Dried clay can be ground up to a powder and reconstituted. Goldie Roman Bronze™ is simple and economical to use.


  • First, stir the powdered clay well in its original container, to ensure it is properly mixed, and then put the desired amount of powder into a smaller container.

  • Add about a dozen drops of water or spray in a little water and mix with a knife or spoon, adding more water as required, until you get a clay of a plasticine like consistency.

  • Roll the lump clay out thinly and fold over. Roll again, rolling away from the fold. Repeat this action several times. This is very important to ensure that all the air is removed from the clay and to get a smooth consistency before using. Insert into a plastic bag or container and wait for 30 minutes.


  • To join elements in Goldie Roman Bronze™ clay mix a little powder with water to make a paste. Elements can also be joined with the water only method in the same way as silver clay.

  • Pieces can be dried naturally or by using heat, e.g. on a hotplate or in a dehydrator. Dry at 90°C (195°F) or lower. Higher temperatures may cause cracking, and if steam appears it might create bubbles in the material.

  • Remember to always clean your tools well between using different types of metal clay to avoid cross contamination. The above tip does not apply to Goldie Metal™ line products because they can be mixed with Mokume Gane or other techniques. See FAQ for a detailed description.


  • Ensure the clay is completely dry before firing. Any moisture will boil and ruin the piece.

  • Place the elements on a steel mesh, put into the kiln and fire for 20 minutes in 350°C during the first stage.

  • Carefully remove the steel mesh from the kiln and place on a heatproof surface. Fill the bottom of the container with carbon, with a layer of at least 1 cm. Carefully place the elements on the carbon layer. Fill the container with a layer of activated coconut shell carbon with a minimum depth 1cm (1/2”) over the pieces. Cover with a stainless steel lid and place back into the kiln. The elements can be fired without a cover as well, but then you have to remember that a bit more carbon will be the use of. Full ramp to 845°C  and hold for 1h30min. This period of time can be reduced even to an hour in the case of small elements, we encourage you to experiment.

  • Fired pieces can be removed from the kiln hot or cold.

Mixing instructions:


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