Anodized Niobium (Brown) Round Wire (Half Hard) 0.5mm x 5 Feet

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Type 2 Niobium Round Wire
Diameter : 0.5mm (24 ga) 
Length: 1.52m (5 feet)
Colour: Brown
This is Type 2 commercial grade Niobium, an unalloyed, high quality. 

Niobium is a lustrous, grey metal with low toxicity (so low that it is safe even for those with extreme sensitivities to metal jewellery) 
and virtually no susceptibility to tarnish.

Its unique properties as a reactive metal cause niobium to take on a controllable, repeatable range of colours when exposed to

various voltages in an electrically charged bath, a process called anodization.

This wire has been anodised.

The colour will not rust and cannot be rubbed off, although, over time, its lustre may dull somewhat.

Wrap the tips of your pliers with tape to prevent marring the surface.

Anodised niobium products should be treated gently.

Clean the metal with soapy water and dry it with a soft, dry towel.

Niobium is very slow to work-harden and is remarkably easy to work with. Cut with a jeweller's saw, hand-form, dap, chase or forge the metal easily. In cold working (rolling, forming, etc.), niobium can be reduced as much as 90% before requiring annealing.

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